The Best Two Years of my Life – Traditions with my Valentine


Valentine’s Day is among us and some of you are going to be loved up with your significant other, while others will be loved up with themselves, a bottle of wine, and Netflix. Both are great and to be honest, the second one is what I will be up to, because my man will be playing baseball. While it’s a controversial holiday and there will always be people who despise it, I wanted to celebrate it with a quick write-up pertaining to the holiday of love.

Kyle asked me out on Valentine’s Day two years ago. It wasn’t cliché at ALL (hehe, love you hot stuff). As cliché as it might be, I don’t care, because saying yes to him on that V-day was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Valentine’s Day will always have a special place in our hearts.

In honor of our special day, I thought I would take a little moment and share a handful of traditions, routines, and goals that we have created and set throughout these last two years.

Change Jar 

About 6 months ago, when we moved into our apartment, we decided to combine our change into one jar. The jar is actually really cute and says, “hello” in cursive (thanks, Hobby Lobby). As it filled up we thought that it would be a great opportunity for us to save up for something big, like a vacation. We are going to attempt to save our change for the next 5 years and buy ourselves a big, fat trip somewhere. So, thus began our change jar tradition.

Two Big, Fat Trips

Speaking of vacations….we love to travel! We both grew up traveling quite a bit, and it’s a huge priority for us. We are so grateful to have had that influence and we want to continue that for ourselves and our future children. We are going to make it a goal (unless something unforseen happens) that we take at least two vacations every year, whether that be a short weekend trip or a two-week beach extravaganza.


DQ Runs

This tradition is probably common amongst Wayniacs (people who grew up in Wayne) or people who attended WSC, because DQ is one of the few places to get ice cream or food for that matter. We love our blizzard runs! About once a month, we go and get ice cream together. In the busyness of life, especially with having opposite schedules, it’s a way for us to utilize a mini date to continue connecting with each other.

Secret Santa 

I had done secret santa a variety of times throughout my life, but I was reintroduced when I joined in on the Christmas Eve festivities with Kyle’s family the last 2 years. Basically, all the siblings draw a name and then we buy each other a gift around $100. It’s simple and I’m sure many families participate in similar traditions, but it’s something Kyle and I would love to continue doing on Christmas Eve with his siblings and then eventually with our children as they grow up and can participate with their own siblings.

Frozen Pizza

No matter where life takes us, or where we live, we will always have a frozen pepperoni pizza in our freezer. Every time we go grocery shopping, without fail, we get one of those bad boys for nights when we just don’t feel like throwing anything together. It’s this weird bonding moment when we both look at each other and nonverbally agree to have pizza instead of something healthy. It’s like we’re little kids again, getting away with not eating our veggies. It’s silly, but it’s us.

Hip Hop Videos

Kyle will probably be a little embarrassed by this one, but he enjoys watching hip hop dances on YouTube. Especially the ones choreographed by Willdabeast and his crew. Obviously, I love to watch them as well and it is some what required for my job! But, what makes this fun is that he knows how much dance means to me and he can share that passion just a little bit when we sit down and watch a handful of new videos together. We can appreciate the choreography and the talent it takes to perform at such a high level. I love that he was comfortable sharing this with me and I love that he also respects what I love.

Here’s our favorite video (we’d love to learn this one day):


Sending Songs 

Since day one, music has been in the center of our relationship. Along with hip hop videos, music is a giant part of my job, and has always been a big part of Kyle’s life as well. Brag moment….Kyle can play the piano, drums, and sing. He is so musically gifted and doesn’t even realize it. It blows me away how naturally he understands instruments. Because music is so important to us, we send songs to each other often, especially country songs. What better way to share love then through beautiful lyrics and melodies?

We have many songs, but this is the song that played around month two of being together. I knew then that I was in love with him:


All these traditions and routines are a small glimpse into the relationship Kyle and I have and not to be dramatic, but our love and life is so much more than a few paragraphs can even describe. I have never found someone who sets my soul on fire as much as he does. He is the best person I have ever met. I have never felt more loved and supported in my whole life. After two years, I still have to pinch myself, because I can NOT believe that I found this “love” that everyone dreams about. In fact, for way too long, I had a hard time believing that I actually deserved this kind of unconditional love. I am strong on my own and I learned to be that way through a lot of despair and resiliency, but he helps take down my armour. I don’t need walls or defenses around him, I’m able to just BE.

Kyle, I love you. You are my family. My future. My everything.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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