Things I Discovered in Year Twenty-Four

Adulting, Mental Health

Year twenty-five swiftly rolled in today and to be honest, it’s just a normal day. As you get older the birthdays become less exciting, but that won’t stop me from being ethusiastic and positive about what’s in store for the next year of my life!

As each year passes way too quickly, I start to realize more and more just how short life is. Sounds cliche, but I honestly can NOT believe I’m twenty-five! I do grown up things everyday, but it blows my mind how young I still feel. I decided that age is not supposed to feel like anything and I want to cherish that youthful feeling forever. I always get overly annoyed with people that try to grow up so quickly, like slow down! You have the rest of your life to be responsible and “grown up.” I could just kick my young self right now for never being okay with the age I was at. I always wanted to be older. Now, all I want is for time to slow down a little bit.

As the next chapter of my short life approaches, there are a handful of things I discovered throughout the course of year twenty-four:

  1. Everyone is unique and special in their own way, but most of us are replaceable, especially when it comes to a job or career. So, stay humble and throw that entitlement out the window. It won’t get you far, but compassion, resiliency, and authenticity will.
  2. I need to actually care what I put on my skin, especially my face. Having a skin care routine sounded so old and weird when I was younger. Now I realize that the sooner you start using safe and effective products, the better off your skin will be. I recently became a Beautycounter consultant, because of my strong beliefs in this area!
  3. The phrase “love is hard” isn’t what I thought it meant. Love is super hard when you’re with the wrong person. I’ve been there, but now that I have been with the right person for almost two years…it’s the furthest thing from hard! Love isn’t supposed to be consistently lonely, demeaning, or emotionally exhausting. However, love does take daily mantainence and effort from both sides. It’s supposed to build you up not tear you down. The phrase “love is hard” should NEVER keep you in an unhealthy relationship.
  4. College is absolutely the best time of your life. This could easily change as new chapters of my life unfold, but dang do I miss college life. Being sort of grown up, but not fully comitting to it yet. Having a handful of roommates to get ready with in the kitchen as we plan our house party destinations. It was a time where I got to be around so many like-minded people and they truly filled my heart with joy everyday. It was stressful, but the kind of stress that was almost exciting. Because, betweens the papers and tests, there were kick a** parties, random shopping outings, and nights when I needed people and they were right there even when I didn’t ask for it.
  5. Contrary to what I thought growing up, most adults have no idea what’s going on either. I thought in order to become an adult, like some sort of right of passage, that you had to have your shiz in order. I didn’t think all adults knew everything, but I thought most of them were confident in the life they chose and the career path they were on. Not the case! Life is ever-changing and it’s refreshing, but also terrifying, knowing that we all can choose to switch things up whenever we want. Contentment rather than perfection is my goal.
  6. Salads and vegetables aren’t actually that bad. I’m easily one of the pickiest eaters I know, but it’s getting better! This year, I’ve really flown out of my comfort zone and have added a lot more variety to my diet, like lettuce. Sounds silly, but I never used to have lettuce on anything, but here I am now…just a regular old lettuce queen.
  7. I will not sacrifice my passion no matter where I end up. I realized that big changes are inevitable and money does indeed run the world, but you can always find ways to keep things that set your soul on fire close to you. I made a promise to myself this year that I will always continue my artistic passions. I would rather have my hands in a variety of things I love than work a job where I’m helping no one and achieving nothing. When I start having children, I want them to get motivated by watching their mom fulfill her dreams.

There are dozens of discoveries that I probably forgot to mention and I’m sure they will pop into my head as soon as I lay in bed, per usual! In closing, I can’t wait to dive into year twenty-five fearlessly, with a heart and mind that are open to new adventures.

Thank you to those who have been a part of my journery as I learn to navigate myself and this life.

Much love,



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