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During the course of my journey with Beautycounter, which is approaching one year and a half, I have come up with some “hacks” utilizing our products and/or packaging. The reason I label them “hacks” is because I may use products differently than the package states or I have insider tips that only the consultants usually know about. I would love to share them with you now! Let’s just dive right in, here they are

1. Re-using Containers

Beautycounter is trying to become more sustainable and it’s amazing! Because of that, they are switching from plastic packaging to glass. When I’m done with the glass Cleansing Balm container, I use it to store little things in our junk drawer. Side note…I use the Cleansing Balm almost nightly and it still lasts me 3-4 months! Another container I re-use is the Mattifying Powder. It’s perfect to store rings or the jewelry I wear often or when I’m traveling.

2. Baby Oil Combined with Body Lotion

One of the biggest issues I struggled with along with most of my clients is dry skin. We are always on the search for the most hydrating product. Harsh chemicals and petroleum-based products are NOT the way to go. This is a hack I learned from other Beautycounter ladies. After I shower, I put a few squirts of our Soothing Baby Oil with my body lotion and it mixes into this luxurious cream that leaves my skin hydrated until the next time I shower. I have not struggled with eczema since using this combo or since using Beautycounter in general.

3. Cleaning Brushes with Charcoal Bar

I’ve done a few tutorials about this on my Instagram already, but this definitely needs to make the list. I will not clean my brushes with anything else…it works SO well! The Charcoal Bar is made with green tea, coconut oil, and activated charcoal and NO toxic ingredients, of course. The bar is designed for oily or blemish-prone skin. I use it mostly in the summer when my dry skin seems to disappear and oil takes over. Not only is it just $26 but my first bar lasted me a whole year! I basically just wet the bar and my brushes. Rub the wet brush all over the wet bar and get it nice and sudsy. I continue to suds and rinse until it comes clean. The oil and makeup melt right off of it and it’s super quick. I love that I for sure know there are no toxic chemicals left on my brushes after I clean them.

4. Cleansing Balm for Sun Burn

I’ve previously written a whole post about all the uses of our Cleansing Balm. There’s a reason it’s called the “balm that does it all.” Not only is it a makeup remover, gentle cleanser, overnight hydrating mask, eczema spot healer, it also helps with sun burnt skin. I don’t mean like 3rd degree sun burn…I’m talking about the occasional pinkish-redish skin you get on your shoulders or cheeks when you should’ve applied that second layer of sunscreen. I have told multiple clients about this hack and they come back to me every time and say their burn healed way faster than normal AND they had almost zero pealing! So, from now on when my face or neck get a little red from the sun, I apply our balm and let it soak in overnight. Usually, I have very little peeling if any at all!

Hope this was helpful! Part TWO coming soon! These are the ones that I could think of off the top of my head, but as I continue to fall even more in love with Beautycounter, I will update you on the hacks I find useful.

Also, I would absolutely love to help you switch over to safer beauty. Please reach out with any questions! I can assist you on some great starter products or discuss which regimen would work best for your skin. Everyone deserves to be healthy, inside and out!

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